Beyond the Border (Georgian National Museum 28-4-2010)

Beyond the Border (Georgian National Museum 28-4-2010)

There are many kinds of borders.
BEYOND THE BORDERS………………Georgian National Museum in Tiblisi(GEORGIE) 28 april 2010
There are many kinds of borders.
Borders between nations.Nations can protect the borders against foreigners.,refugees and asylumseekers.Protection means that nations can exclude and drop out people who are not wanted.It is very bitter to experience exclusion.
There is the possibility that inhabitans of a nation will leave their countries.The economic,political and religious situation can be bad.People hope for a new future in an other country.But they can loose that hope.During many years they live in exile.No legal status,no work,dependent from charity.Sometimes refugees can not reach the wanted countries,They die from drowning in open sea.

There are borders in our souls.There are powers in our lives that can force us cross the borders of morality.Freedom is a big power.We want to be free.We hate the enemies who will threathen us. We will not to obey to rules and laws.Sexuality can become a feeling of hate against the borders of our morality.
There are cultural borders.We have experiences outside our reality.We can feel inspiration to change the reality. We can give meanings to light,angels,resurrection,love etc.Marinetti emphazises the courage,the rebellion,the revolt,the brutality.He wants a better world.The followers of DADAISM hate rationality.They like provocation.They do not like a life of order and logical feelings. They like the open sea.They like experiments and intuition.,They protest against war,inhumanity.They cross every border.God can become an absurd accident.Life is absurd.Beyond the borders we can discover new worlds.
Cities as Tiblisi and Rotterdam know borders.There are big rivers,great bridges,beautifull sqares,streets ans roads,There are fountains and parks. There are places for pleasure.Every where people try to find entertainment and culture. People feel themselves not alone.
They look for communication with other people.They cross the borders and hope to find luck beyond the borders.
There are borders between dreams and reality, between nightmares and hopefull visions.Beyond the borders we hope to meet with our neighbour, our friend,.We can not live alone. We like cross the border between YOU and I. It is necessary to have the courage to do it.Beyond the border other people are waiting us. The border can become a challenge.
We like cross the borders,Borders mean law and order.There are people who like protect the borders.They prefer security.Securituy is the guarantee for our luck.We build prisons and shelters for criminal and sick people.. We want to recreate perfect people in our opinion.We will press them to accept our morality and norms.We introduce death penalty for dangerous people”terrorists,pedofiles,..We put them in yail We dont find beyond the borders backgrounds of human behavior.Security is dependent from social welfare for everybody.We will cure sick people.

In the society there are many borders,Borders between rich and poor people,between people with voice and voiceless people.Sometimes people are thinking that we live for our selves.But the reality is that we live with others.Solidarity is important to cross the border to people in need.
There are borders in our conscience.We know that we have the calling to take our responsibility,We have the freedom to realize deeds.Failure is possible.We can err and there are fatal circumstances. Morality is a question of choice.We can make mistakes.It is not clear where is the good path. There is not enough light to look for the truth.Some times we dont know what is good or evil.
The borders between the religions give many difficulties. There is misunderstanding,There is struggle and war.People are thinking that they have the truth,Other religions have lost the way to truth. The world history is full of crises as crusades and holy wars.So many victims.The borders make hopeless.But there is possibillity for beyond the border.That is dialogue.It can give understanding.God is universal,the God of everybody.God is not my own possesion.Dialogue means that we try listen to others.
The conflicht bertween Israeliens and Palestinians is heavy.There are borders,walls etc.They hate each other.Every partij is thinking that he is not wrong.The occupation is very bad.It is not honest that Israel realises a kind of apartheid policy.The Palestinians are not united and have bitter conflicts in own communities.Sometimes we think :there is no beyond the border. But I say to you”do not loose the courage.Negotitations are important to find understanding.The holy land is common.There is place for everybody/Stop the rockets and missiles.Try to work together in trade and science.After so many years there is the possibillity to live in peace.Beyond the border!!!
Camus has said: I make revolt,therefore I am. He likes communication.He prefers solidarty with de people who are suffering.He wants to realize a community.Our conclusion is: we are in the world for revolt because of peace and justice. That means: we are in the world for “BEYOND THE BORDER”.
Rotterdam/Tiblisi april 2010.
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